Spring Journeys


Thank you Spring!  Welcome!

Like a bear, I have been hibernating from the world, in general.  Quietly living the day-to-day joys and duties of being a mama; and taking on freelance projects as they came up here and there.  Now that spring has begun it’s thing, I am beginning to crawl out of the cave.  I started to pull some dusty old project ideas out of their own hibernation recently.  I’ve been keeping them in stasis for years.  Then, one day, something happened that struck me hard.  As usual, the details of what happened are not as interesting as what has come from it.  A project started to take off.  One, that in many ways, can serve as an over-arching theme for all the other projects.

This is how you know when something is supposed to happen:

1. The theme just presented itself to me like, well, like a present.  The visual concept came to me as I was describing it to my baby daddy.  It just rolled off my tongue.  Granted, I fine-tuned it a bit from the initial verbal explosion.  I am very excited about it.

2. Within a day I had two people, whom I trust and respect, commit to working on it with me.

3. It’s been a bit over a week since I made my first call and I now have all the people I wanted involved!

4. This team couldn’t be any better.  Expectations blown out of the water!

5. Shoot date booked.

So, spring has not only sprung, it has chosen to kick me in the ass!  I get it, I get it, I’m revving and gearing up!!

More details about the project to follow!

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