Interpretations and Abstractions – Personal Observations on Big Love

LOVE.  Such a small little word on the page.  A big word that stands open waiting to be interpreted and abstracted.  A word that can be used to build you up and tear you to bits in the same breath.  Love can be contagious.  It does have that power.  I continue to learn a lot about love from others.  But it isn’t only from watching how they interact with or feel for others.  It’s from watching and listening to how they treat themselves.  What do they project out and what do they keep to themselves?  To me, I am learning that the person who is able to strip it all down and just be who they are without apologizing, or, having to explain, to defend, or, to justify it, is someone who has found it in themselves.  There is an honesty to it.  I’ve noticed this same person is very present.  They don’t necessarily lose themselves in being stuck in the past, propelling too far into the future, being boastful, angry, or defensive.  There is very little overthinking.  There doesn’t seem to be a need to prove anything.  Ha!  So love is about being fearless!  Why put up fronts?  Who are we trying to protect?  Why are we trying to protect?  I don’t want to get hurt.  Ah, well, there it is.  Loving yourself is liberating.  It empowers you to be unafraid.  That’s why some think of it as taking a risk when it comes to finding external love.  Is it because they haven’t found it in themselves yet?  Would we all be more willing and open to receive outside love if we loved ourselves, believed in and trusted ourselves enough to let another person love us back?  A lot of the time we are not finding it because we are hoping that this version of “love” will become the thing that we imagine it needs to be to bring us up or to keep us from getting hurt.  Love from another is supposed to make us fearless?  I don’t think so.  Love from another is like adding more seasoning to an already great meal to push it over the top.  So, the idea is, you don’t fall in love; you share it and make it better.  Bigger, even.  

Many people have been inspiring me lately because they have been celebrating themselves.  Loving themselves.  Trusting themselves to be fearless enough to bare themselves and share themselves.  This is some of what I witnessed in the process.   Big beautiful love.  Abstracted, of course!








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