The Rebirth of Power

I am so thrilled to be sharing about a new fine art project I am working on.  I already have the first session in the can and am critically editing them down to the number of shots I am looking for.  More sessions to come and I am on the hunt for more collaborators!

This time around, I got to team up with the courageous and mighty Deja Louve.  She was brave enough to take me on her emotional journey and I am so excited that there will be more!

Rounding out the incredibly talented team were makeup extraordinaire Cassandra Simonds and hair/makeup superwoman Mizella Alparaque.  What a dream team!

This project is near and dear to my heart.  It was probably almost 15 years in the making – there are other versions of it out there that are still in incubation stages; but, this one bit me and begged to be done.

The Rebirth of Power:

Who are we?  Who do we want to be?  Who do we want to be perceived to be?  What are we projecting?  We put ourselves out there and are accepted, judged, revered, despised….  Whether we know it or not, we have a variety of “personalities” or “characters.”  Sometimes they are created as coping mechanisms, to get through different experiences and/or situations, to avoid the risk of offending people or saying the “wrong” thing.  When one doesn’t seem to fit them all, we create new ones.  We are all chameleons; but, who are we when no one is looking?

The Rebirth of Power is a challenge and an experiment to attempt to peel away the layers we have created to conceal ourselves.  We were born fearless.  We have been made fearful by perceived ideals and expectations that have been thrusted upon us (mostly by ourselves in how we choose to deal with outside people or forces).  Ideals that make us suppress and oppress our expressions of emotion.  Crying and feeling are considered weaknesses.  We lose our voices because we disempower ourselves from using them enough to speak up.  The person who grins, bears it, and gets things done, even though it is crushing them, is looked upon as strong, courageous, and a trooper.  Why are we put off by overly defensive individuals?  Perhaps, part of it has to do with not wanting their fear projected onto us when we already have our own to overcome.  True power can be found when we can acknowledge the fear, face it, and do something to eliminate it.  This, in turn, allows you to rise above it.  From there your power is reborn.  I think many of us are reborn in small ways: we all have our own victories over fear everyday.

This project is an attempt to see what this process looks and feels like for different people.

Here are a couple of b-sides from the shoot that day!




All Images – ©2014-2015  Anita Lee – All Rights Reserved
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