Okay, it’s not really a secret.  Especially, when considering the subjects.  I recently had the pleasure of photographing press kit photos for a couple of filmmakers.  Their film “Shhh” (http://www.shhh-film.com) is beautifully engaging, dark with a touch of innocence, stunning to look at, and really, something many of us can relate to.  The filmmakers themselves?  A couple of wonderfully charming and genuinely good guys.  I had 3 locations in mind before we set off on the shoot.  We hit all of them and stumbled upon a couple of bonus ones.

Being visual artists you would think that they would want input on everything that I shot.  However, being ever gracious and respectful is also part of their make-up as people.  We collaborated on shots and they let me have fun and do my thing as well.  This all made for a very relaxed and creative shoot!

Here’s a snippet from the shoot.

One thing about these two, they are serious about their craft.  Another thing about them?  They are all heart.

I love backgrounds like these!  Single colour and the guys basking in the negative space!

The gangster series of shots was Freddy’s direction.  It’s nice to see them move!  

Shervin Shoghian showing us his best face forward.  This graffiti alley is beautiful.  It is a must for anyone visiting the city looking for street art!

Freddy Chavez Olmos – no doubt, you are the man!

A nice moment between friends….  Pretty much sums the two guys up!

Thank you gentlemen for a lovely evening!

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