Don’t Look Back…

Don’t Look Back (but pack well)

Now that 2012 is behind us, this is exactly how I am feeling.  I’m not saying don’t look back because of regrets; because I have absolutely no regrets and would love to relive some of what happened last year.  Those times I am calling the best moments of my life…so far.  I’m talking about looking ahead.  If I’m constantly looking back I’m definitely going to walk into a wall, or a parking meter (I’ve done that, it hurts!).  It’s about taking everything I have experienced, learned, am still learning and pushing forward (with some abandon!).  Instead of looking back, carry the most important moments and lessons with you in your trusty life messenger bag.

 Tally ho!

Last year was the first official year of working my butt off for my own family.  Prior to 2012, I spent over 10 years working extremely hard on projects where I was given the opportunity to meet some people who have helped shape me into who I am today.  We were family.  I know I worked with, laughed with, suffered with, learned with AND learned from some of the best human beings you could ever hope to meet.  For that I am so grateful.

At the end of 2011, I started an incredible journey with two of the most important people in my life.  They are both shaping me into the woman I want to be and a person I am beginning to be very proud of.  I’m also the girl who is beginning to see how things I only previously dreamed of can become my real life.  See, lots of reasons to forge ahead.

Here are some of the most important things I am packing in my messenger bag:

Be brave enough to take new first steps…everyday.

Learn to value our world for its vastness and our privilege to be such a small part of it.

Share with others that beauty is most natural when no one else is looking.

Continue to look for and appreciate life for its simplicity….

Dance with silence and feel in good company alongside your oldest friend solitude.

Let your loved ones know you’ve got their backs.

Truly learn to understand what love in its purest and most honest form is supposed to feel like.

Remember to stop and enjoy the ride.

My bag is full but there is still so much space for more!

Welcome 2013!

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