You Got to be Startin’ Somethin’

What’s this you say?  Well, here’s the backstory behind an idea I have.

I’ve been inspired by people these past few months.  Any age, any gender, right handed, left handed, early risers, night owls, carnivores, herbivores, and vegetarians too!  People have a story to tell.  Take a stroll down a busy street.  So many faces walk past.  Each with a story or some sort of business they need to tend to.

I’ll provide more details later about this new project I am working on right now.  I’m out a lot trying to get street style submissions in for The Style Spy and lately have found myself stopping a lot and really people watching and not just for what they are wearing.  One day, I stood around Granville and Georgia, for example, for about 40 mins just observing.

Okay, this really isn’t too unusual because I usually do that when I’m out just shooting street scenes.  The difference now is I am actually watching people in more of an isolated way.  I’ll be even more vague in the next post because I don’t want to give the entire project away now but I am getting inspired and already have my first shot in for this project.  All of this is making me start to re-evaluate what kind of social footprint I want to leave behind me.

All I know is I really do “wanna be startin’ somethin’!”

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