Lessons in Love

Or, Discovering the Potential to Love (in) this Life

It’s about the journey, isn’t it? The 50/50 Portrait project is becoming more about my new found love of people and my desire to only take photos of what moves me.  I originally called it a labour of love; but, it is becoming more about the Lessons in Love (oh thank you Level 42!).

Along with all the hatred and ugliness in the world, there is love and beauty (love isn’t pretty but it is inherently beautiful).  Love exists within those dark moments and surfaces in a very natural and sometimes unexpected way.  There is magnificence in this life of ours.  The one we experience.  There is so much potential to love this life, in this life.  I just want to soak it all in and share it.  I am driven by the possibility to love.  The moments that motivate me to click the shutter are those that show us the potential to and the potential of love.

What motivates you to take action?  How do you picture success for yourself (in the past, now, and for the future)?  Why do you think you are the person you are?  What has brought you here?  These are all of the questions that come to mind when I find someone whose photograph I wish to take.  The people who strike me are those who I feel a certain sense of love for.  People who will show me what it is to love for them.

Thank you lovely Lady Swan.  You have taught me more about what it means to love, in our 15 minute interaction, than I am possibly able to learn in a lifetime.

lady swan - bird lady

lady swan - bird lady

lady swan

swan buds

looking forward - love

in bloom?

I have the most to learn from children.  The most truthful people of us all.

when i grow up

More educational moments for me abound!


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