Vancouver Family Photographer – Children’s Lifestyle Photography – Scooter Sisters!

Vancouver Family Photographer – Children’s Lifestyle Photography – Scooter Sisters!

Magic hour fun with these two doing what they love to do! They will not be slowed down! And so, they definitely shouldn’t!

Sisters can be super special. These two, no doubt, absolutely kick butt! They are a couple of girls with a strength and attitude about them. I have a feeling they will stand up and get things done. What an inspiring duo. I cannot think of a better way to spend a summer evening at this time of the day. These girls are fun, sassy, brilliant, and take no prisoners. They have an indoor jungle gym, a trampoline, and yes, scooters.

I love coming to someone’s home to find that it is filled with a variety of things for their kids to do. It was pretty difficult narrowing down just what we would do. Ultimately, I got the grand tour of the house, in all of its gloriously perfect chaos. They also introduced me to their closest pals. We jumped on the beds, chatted endlessly, and laughed loudly. When it was time to head outside, we agreed that they needed to first race in the back alley and then take me around the neighbourhood.

Words cannot describe how much I loved hanging out with these two. Boy did they ever teach me about the important things in life. Sometimes I think I need to add, lifelong learner to my title of Vancouver Family Photographer because I learned something special from these two that night.


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