A little bit ABOUT my approach:

I am drawn to photographs that reveal truth.  Since it is without words, this comes from the emotion the image elicits.  Truth, to me, is felt and not heard.  It lives in the in-between.  In the inaction before the action, in the space before thought, and in the breath before speech.  The most beautiful and honest stories exist there for you to relate to and feel.

Truth isn’t generous: it doesn’t wait for you; the moment is fleeting.  To capture it,  you need a bit of luck, a lot of patience, and a good amount of understanding and genuine sincerity.

When it comes to portrait and lifestyle photography, I recognize that we all wear different hats for the different roles we play in our lives.  Our intentions and actions come from the person underneath.  My mission is to draw that person out, in the moment, without losing sight of the “hat” you are wearing for the photograph.

When it comes to reportage and travel photography, I’m that person lurking in the shadows, behind trees, sometimes walking into parking meters, or backing into your dog,  or horse….  I’m the one waiting for that second when no one else is really noticing.  When there is no pretence, just that wordless thing I call “truth.”

By nature, I am inquisitive, intuitive, playful, warm, and patient. Once we make that connection, which is usually pretty quickly, the energy is contagious. Oftentimes, I get swept up by that energy and you may hear me make declarations like, “There it is! I love it! I love you…, sorry, I get excited sometimes!” That pretty much sums me up right there.


The Session Fees:

Business/Corporate Headshot Sessions – starting at $325/individual (please visit www.anitaandcherish.com for larger team and company sessions)

Family (max. 6 people) and Children’s Portrait Sessions – $500 (1-1.5 hour session)

Maternity Sessions – Start at $400

Styled Portrait Sessions – Start at $600 (sessions are at least 3 hours) – please visit www.fablecreativeco.com for more details.

Commercial and Personal Branding – Please Inquire