Vancouver Children’s Photography – Documentary Style: Let the Kids Be…

Whatever they can dream up

Let the Kids Be…Whatever they can dream up!

Vancouver Children’s Photography – Documentary Style 

I get it more than ever now. My parents always said they wanted us to have a life much better than theirs. They did not want us to struggle. We got to have what they did not. Things such as, an education, pets, a house, and the courage to dream!

With my little one, I wanted him to know that he should not only dare to dream but dream as big as he could imagine! Although, remember to stay grounded while you are dreaming. Do it by discovering the steps you need to take to make these dreams reality. Then have the courage to take those steps. Be strong enough to know that you need help to make it come true. Be respectful enough to know that others dare to dream too. And finally, definitely, balance it all with the ability to earn enough to eat and provide a roof over your head. Yes, no big deal…. 

Lately, and rather, more steadily the dream list goes something like this: 

-a pastry chef

-a pilot

-a photographer (ha!)

-a designer

-a writer

We try our best to let him explore as much of it at his age as possible. We also try not to age it down for him. Yes, he has picked up my fancy work camera to take photos (see the “About” page for evidence). Furthermore, why not use real utensils when baking? And oh, the baking. The potions, the concoctions, and mystery mixtures. There have been many. Many inedible. Most were brown. But all were imaginative and absolutely all him!

Baking dark and white chocolate chip almond chunk cookies? Yes, please!

What’s best about his age is perhaps his eagerness and willingness to participate in documenting these adventures. He called out a lot of the shots for this shoot.